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Colin Truman
Chris Austin small lake 17.7.15
Keith Sheppard 17Lb 9oz side snags 30.8.15
Dave Night 2Lb Banjo 5.12.15
Mark Tavener "The Fang" 27Lb Big lake 15.7.14
Liam Mitchell 27Lb Big Lake 7.9.14
Darren Davies 20Lb Sutton Big Lake 21.9.14
John Fosker 23Lb Big Lake 28.2.15
Chris Watson 19Lb 4oz Big Lake 25.3.15
Chris Rooston 40Lb 4oz Small Lake 22.5.15
Mark Ockenden 28lb 1oz Sutton Big Lake 30.3.14
Sam Coxall 21Lb sutton big Lake fishing the pads where the graveyard is' rum and raspberry boilie on d rig tipped with pink pop up 19/4/14 7:30 in the morning
Mark White 27Lb 8oz Big Lake 9.5.14
Dave king 17lb 10oz Sutton big lake 9.5.14
Roy Cansdale 30Lb 2oz Sutton Small Lake 29.5.14
Liam Mitchell 30Lb 9oz Bucket swim 24.6.14
Martin Hewett The Unknown 38Lb 4oz car park lake 2.11.13
Steve Hitchcock 25Lb Sutton Big Lake 18.3.14
Mark Ockenden 23Lb 10oz Big Lake @ 5.30am from Sutton Big lake on balanced pink cell 23.3.14
Martin McKie 27Lb Big Lake 23.3.14
Mark Ockenden 22lb Sutton Big Lake 29.3.14
Mark Ockenden 21lb Sutton Big Lake 30.3.14
Rob Bond Sutton small lake 20Lb 2oz 25.8.13
James Hale The Unknown 38Lb 10oz Small Lake at 12.30 am on Mainline Cell Bollie 11.9.13
Shaun Harding The Big Common 30Lb 6oz Big Lake 14.9.13
Mark Tavener 26Lb 8oz Big Lake 9.10.13
Rob Smith 29Lb Big Lake 11.10.13
Mark Tavener 24Lb Big Lake 21.10.13
Rob Bond Sutton small lake 22Lb 12oz 22.8.13
Rob Bond Sutton small lake 18Lb 8oz 23.8.13
Pete Winfield 16Lb 4oz Small Lake 24.8.13
Rob Bond Sutton small lake 24Lb 4oz 24.8.13
Andy King Sutton small lake 18Lb 4oz on 8lb line 24.8.13
Pete Winfield 26Lb 4oz Small Lake 25.8.13
Sam Coxall 20Lb 4oz Small Lake 23.6.13
Dan Hallett 25Lb Sutton Small Lake 29.6.13
Jay Potter 16Lb Sutton Small Lake 29.6.13
Scott Gibbons 28Lb 2oz Small Lake at 4am 2.7.13
Taylor Davies 15Lb Sutton Big Lake at 4 am 8.7.13
Pete Winfield 19Lb 4oz Small Lake 22.8.13
Dan Hallett 14Lb Big Lake 25.5.13
Ryan Jordan 14Lb Side Snags 27.5.13
Sutton centre path 28Lb 28.5.13
Alex Jones 23Lb Sutton Big Lake at 5am 3.6.13
Taylor Davis 19Lb Big Lake at 3am 15.6.13
Taylor Davis 15Lb Big Lake at 4am 15.6.13
Mick Fisher 11Lb Big Lake 11.3.13
Mark Tavener 18Lb 10oz Sutton Big Lake 20.3.13
Jay 15lb 10oz Sutton Big Lake 23.3.13 - 36 hour into the sesh only a baby but more than welcome in the cold had it on tigger nut and maple (cheers Gary) quite a spread of bait maybe 2kg hook bait was 18mm topped with a milky toffee in the humps fishing 35-40 yards out size 8 korda Kurv shank B n trap hook link standard lead clip with 18" of rig tube
Mick-Fisher 21Lb 12oz Big Lake 10.4.13
Derek Ward 21Lb 6oz Big Lake Swim 1 on Poacher Squid 18mm at 4 am 24.5.13
Danny Mahoney 25Lb 6oz Big Lake 25.5.13
Mick Fisher 30Lb 8oz Big Lake 9.3.13
Mark Tavener The Long Common 31Lb 8oz Big Lake 20.2.13
Mick Fisher 26Lb Big Lake 13.2.13
Rob Smith 23lb Small Lake 2.2.13
Mark Tavener 22lb Big Lake 2.2.13
Mark Tavener 29Lb 10 oz Big Lake 15.1.13
Dan Mahoney 22Lb Sutton Big Lake 17.11.12
Dan Kelloway 10Lb Sutton Big Lake Swim 6 - 23.11.12
David Spalding 16lb 8oz from the slot sutton big lake December 2012
Alan Foster 28Lb 8oz Small Lake caught on Sardine 4.1.12
Ian Smith 28Lb 2oz Sutton Lake top gravel caught on Longfield Bait Co Red Nut 6.1.13
John Foster 30Lb Small Lake caught on skimmer livebait 13.1.13
Steve Summers 23Lb Sutton Small Lake 3.11.12
Roy Cansdale 20Lb 7oz Sutton Big Lake 18.10.12
Pete Winfee 18Lb Big Lake 25.10.12
Pete Winfee 28Lb 6oz Big Lake 25.10.12
Sam Fitzsimons The Big Common 34Lb Sutton Big Lake on Poacher Jaffa Baits October 2012
Mathew Lee 17Lb 12oz Breeding Bay Small Lake 11.11.12
Ewan Reekie 16Lb 8oz Sutton Big Lake 2.7.12
Roy Cansdale 28Lb Sutton Big lake 6.7.12
Kellie Margerrison 31Lb 14oz on 18mm Cell and 6 freebies Sutton Big Lake 14.7.12
Mark Armstrong 28Lb Big Lake 1.9.12
Mark Armstrong newly named cut tail 33Lb Big Lake 1.9.12
Jamie Armstrong 24Lb 2oz Sutton Carp Match September 2012
Pete Winfield 22Lb 10oz Sutton Big Lake 14.6.12
Pete Winfield 17Lb 2oz Sutton Big Lake 15.6.12
Pete Winfield 14Lb Sutton Big Lake 16.6.12
Pete Winfield 18Lb 8oz Sutton Big Lake 16.6.12
Ian Smith 31Lb 4oz Weed beds Small Lake on Longfield trial bait 17.6.12
Chris Austin 18Lb Sutton Big Lake 18.6.12
Mark Tavener 22Lb 12oz Sutton Big Lake 27.4.12
Sam Fitzsimons 28Lb Sutton Big Lake off the top on breadflake 29.5.12
Sam Fitzsimons 24Lb 2oz Sutton Big Lake off the top on breadflake 29.5.12
Sam Fitzsimons 20Lb Sutton Big Lake off the top on breadflake 29.5.12
Chris Watson with the "Fang" 24lb 8oz Big Lake Swim 10 on Raspberry Boilie 4.6.12
Jake Scott 19Lb 5oz Sutton Small Lake 4.6.12
Jack Fordham 30Lb 15oz Sutton Big Lake 28.4.12
Jack Fordham 27Lb 4oz Sutton Big Lake 1.5.12
Callum Spencer 5lb 8oz Sutton Big Lake on boillie 19.5.12
James Hale - caught from the car park lake on 24th May at approx 7.00am.This was my first ever session at Sutton venue due to Horton Kirby being closed. The fish was a 31lb 2oz Mirror carp and this was my first 30lb plus fish.
Chris Henley Sutton Long Common 32Lb 2oz 26.5.12
Ian Smith 18Lb 2oz Big Lake Barge swim on Longfield Baits Red Berry pop up 27.5.12
Mick Fisher 24Lb 12oz Sutton Big Lake 3.4.12
Chris Austin 17lb Big Lake 18.04.12
Chris Austin 18lb 2oz Big Lake 19.04.12
Lee Powell 19lb caught on cell boilie Sutton Small Lake 21.04.12
Steve Hitchcock 22Lb Sutton Big Lake 28.04.12
Jack Fordham 20Lb 14oz Sutton Big Lake 24.4.12
Mick Fisher 22Lb 8oz The Wide Sutton 20.2.12
Steve Hitchcock 26Lb Sutton Car Park Lake March 2012
Mark Harris with The Big Common from Sutton Big Lake at 32lb caught on Poachers Tigernut & Maple on 16.03.12
Billy Tasker 21lb 2oz Sutton Small Lake 10.4.12
Drew Ward 21lb 4oz Sutton Big Lake on Poacher Baits - 12.4.12
Mark Tavener 19Lb 8oz Big Lake 18.04.12
Jack Fordham 16Lb Sutton Big Lake 21.2.12
Mick Fisher 6Lb 8oz The Wide Sutton 19.2.12
Roy Cansdale 30Lb 10oz Sutton Big Lake 14.03.12
Mark Tavener 20Lb 8oz Sutton Big Lake 21.03.12
Mick Fisher 31Lb 10oz The Wide Sutton 18.3.12
Mark Nottle 30Lb 14oz side snags Sutton Big Lake 15.4.12
Mick Fisher 18lb Sutton big lake 14.01.12
Sean Elliott - Sutton car park lake centre path swim with big iron drain cover - 25lb caught on ledgered sprat 11.1.12
Jack Fordham 20Lb 15oz Sutton Small Lake 11.03.12
Mark Tavener 22Lb 8oz Sutton Big Lake 20.03.12
Mark Tavener 20Lb Sutton Big Lake 21.03.12
Mick_Fisher 21Lb 14oz Sutton Big Lake 5.2.12
Lee Powell 26Lb 9oz Big lake August 2011
Lee Powell 13Lb 8oz Side snags September 2011
Craig Outram, Sutton small lake 23lb on 24th Sept 2011
Steve Hitchcock 14Lb Sutton Big Lake Sept 2011
Steve Hitchcock 27Lb Sutton Big Lake Sept 2011
Frank Dawson with one of 6 20's taken from Sutton small lake from a catch of 13 fish in a week 17th-24th Sept
Pete Winfield-, 16Lb 14oz, Side snags on R + R - 11.5.11
Jack Fordham - 20Lb 14oz. 1 of 5 fish caught from Sutton Big Lake 10.6.11
Ian Smith - 20lb 8oz Sutton small lake Longfield bait company red nut pop up 12.06.2011
Chris Henley 24Lb 6oz Sutton small lake 22.6.11
Sam Field with the Unknown at 35Lb 4oz from Sutton small lake 27.8.11
Gary Bainbridge 27Lb mirror Sutton small lake, during the Carp match where 13 of the 14 fish were caught on Poacher Baits - 27-8-11
Ryan Warren 19Lb Small Lake 2011
Ryan Warren 21Lb SmallLake 2011
Ryan Warren 23Lb 4oz Small Lake 2011
Ryan Warren 23Lb 8oz Big Lake 2011
Ryan Warren 26Lb Big Lake 2011
Pete Winfield, 26Lb 13oz Side snags on R -  R - 12.5.11
Jack Fordham 17Lb 9oz Linear Big Lake 13.4.11
Jack Fordham 22Lb 12oz Sutton Big lake 8.4.11
Jack Fordham 20Lb 10oz Sutton Big lake 7.4.11
Ian Smith - 17Lb 8oz Sutton Big Lake Longfield bait company red nut pop up - 5.6.11
Bruce Mckay, 32Lb from Sutton small lake - June 2011
Jack Fordham - 27Lb 5oz Big Lake the Mirror is more commonly know as Fang 27.5.11
Nigel Kee 20Lb 8oz - Caught from the car park lake on a dead Zander - 30.3.11
Sam Field with the Unknown at 35Lb 15oz from Sutton small lake 23.4.11
Mark Harris with the Unknown from the small lake on Poacher Baits Tigernut & Maple - 35Lb 2oz - 16.2.11
Jack Fodham - 23Lb 4oz Big Lake 19.1.11
Bruce Mckay aka Barney Rubble. 31lb Common. Small lake at Sutton at hone in small weed bed. Caught on Poacher baits 18mm rum/rasberry 23 May 11
Ewan Reekie 24lb Mirror Carp Sutton-At-Hone Small Lake 7th May 2011
Andrew Bassett 13Lb fully scaled mirror big lake the island swim 11.7.10
Andrew Bassett 19Lb Common big lake the island swim 11.7.10
Sam Field 10.06.10 sutton small lake weedbed swim 19lb 2oz on poacher baits
Spent 60 hours from 6pm 24-6-10 until 6am 27-6-10 on Sutton at Hone Big Lake with a 3 fish catch topped by "The Big Common", as reliably imformed by a very knowledgable baliff, at a weight of 34lb 14oz.
Sam Field Sutton big lake garden swim 28lb 12oz on poacher baits
Andrew Bassett 17Lb mirror big lake the island swim 11.7.10
Ian Lewington - 22 Lb Simmo Mirror caught from the Small Lake - June 2009
Steve Armstrong 16lb common Sutton big lake
Robin Monday 20Lb 6oz Linear from Small Lake 21.3.10
Sam Field Big Lake 17Lb 7.10.08
Tom Kayabasi with Dippy at 27Lb from Sutton Big Lake 21.3.10
Mark Armstrong 23lb sutton side snags 5.3.10
Thomas Hill Big Lake 22Lb 4oz March 2009
Sam Field Big Lake 23Lb 2.6.09
Jono Shaw - Sutton At Hone Small Lake 24lb 2oz - 9.10.09
Mike Landy - Sutton Small Lake - Landed this pike on a float-fished deadbait (sprat) whilst fishing Sutton-at-Hone on Sunday 11th October. The pike was caught from the margins at the end of the smaller lake away from the car park. The fish was 20lbs exactly.
Thomas Hill Big Lake 22Lb 4oz October 2008
Colin Truman 22Lb 4oz Big Lake March 2009
Thomas Hill Big Lake 22Lb 8oz February 2009
Thomas Hill Big Lake 22Lb 2oz October 2009
Sam Field Big Lake 28Lb 26.09.09
Rob Smith 19lb almost fully scaled mirror from the side snags at Sutton Big Lake Sept 09
Thomas Hill with Dippy at 29Lb 4oz from the Big Lake August 2004
Rob Smith 22lb mirror from the side snags at Sutton Big Lake Sept 09
Thomas Hill Big Lake 24Lb 2oz March 2009
Thomas Hill Big Lake June 2009 28Lb 8oz
Thomas Hill Small Lake 21Lb 14oz October 2009
Thomas Hill Big Lake 20Lb 14oz October 2008
Thomas Hill Big Lake 23Lb 4oz March 2009
Sam Field Big Lake 24Lb 26.9.09
Mark Armstrong 27lb sutton side snags 5.3.10
Thomas Hill Big Lake 22Lb 10oz March 2009
Sam Field Big Lake 22Lb 26.9.09
Sam Field Big Lake 23Lb 2.6.09
Sam Field Big Lake 21Lb 21.6.09
Steve Armstrong 31lb 4oz long common Sutton big lake

Email your catch reports to catchreport@ddaps.org stating date, size, venue and as much information as possible.
(Please can ALL photos be taken in landscape view)

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