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Russell Prett 27Lb 7.7.15
Jack Morrisson 27Lb. Caught on a single floating dog biscuit by some lily pads 26.9.15
Mark Tavener mid-double Presidents Lake 12.8.16
Dick Powis
Keven Watt 17Lb 5oz 27.6.13
Keven Watt 11Lb 5oz 27.6.13
Russell Prett 26Lb caught on poachers 14mm eggshell fruit frenzy about 3pm 17.10.13
Russell Prett with The Big Silver 26Lb 12oz 16.6.14
Russell Prett 20Lb 29.8.14
Russell Prett 23Lb 4.9.14
Russell Prett 24Lb 18.6.15
Mark Armstrong 26Lb 8oz Presidents lake 1.6.13
Rhys Warren 14Lb 5.6.13
Bill Francis 14Lb 7.6.13
Martin Dust 22Lb 3oz caught on 18mm new grange bottom bait 19.6.13
Tim Hayes 10Lb 5oz 21.6.13
Kevin Watt 15Lb 21.6.13
Harry Tindall 22Lb 22.6.13

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