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Rules for Pike Fishing

1) No pike fishing before 1st October on enclosed waters (lakes and pits)

2) Braided line must be used, minimum 20lb breaking strain for live/dead baiting and lure fishing (spinning) this is to insure line breaks are avoided.

3) An up trace should be used when live baiting this should be no less than 6 inches longer than the hooked trace (snap tackle) to avoid bite offs by pike.

4) Minimum length of trace for lure fishing (spinning) 12 inches (300 mm). DDAPS recommend that snap tackle trace for live/ dead baiting should be 16 inches (400 mm)

5) The use of high quality shop brought traces /swivels /clips /hooks /braid is recommended.

6) All treble hooks must be barbless or semi barbed (crushed barbed) this will allow for easier unhooking and less damage to the pike.

7) Handle all pike caught with care, an unhooking glove (NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE DDAPS OFFICE £4) is recommended, never use a pike gag.

8) When unhooking use the forceps and hand technique. Lay the pike on its back slip your gloved hand through the gill cover fig B and D (avoiding the gill rakes these are razor sharp!) Firmly hold the lower jaw, the mouth can be opened very easily, use long nosed pliers or forceps to remove the hooks fig A and C


9) When returning a pike to the water never hold it up by the chin always support the body of the pike with your other arm. Once in the water let the pike recover fully by holding it until it swims off, this allows its swim bladder and oxygen levels to stabilize.

10) The use of unhooking mats are compulsory, landing nets must be assembled and have at least 36” arms.

11) Strike early, do not wait for the pike to swallow the bait as this will result in a deep hooked pike, if the hooks are difficult to remove use strong cutters to cut away hooks and remove the trace, remember a deep hooked pike will soon become a dead pike if the snap tackle is not removed! If however you cannot see the hooks DO NOT cut the trace. Leave this attached and release the pike. When the pike is re- caught a more experienced angler may be able to remove the snap tackle. The safety and well-being of our fish is of the utmost importance and there is no shame in asking for assistance.

12) For further information please visit the pike anglers club of great Britain website, www.pikeanglersclub.co.uk
Forms are available in the DDAPS office.




Pike fishing season ends on 31st march !

Please do not fish for pike when they are spawning

Which may occur before the above date!


New pike fishing rules !

20lb braid is the minimum breaking strain that can be used, the committee strongly advise 20kg (44lb) braid be used at all times for pike fishing !





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