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Forgotton Gallery!

This gallery is for all the anglers who do not send in their pictures within a few days of
catching them or cannot remember the date they caught their fish or from what swim!

Click on the thumbnails to view full size

Mark Tavener 26Lb 9oz Sutton Big Lake 2015
Mark Tavener Fang 26Lb Sutton Big Lake 2015
Mark Tavener 31Lb 8oz Sutton Small Lake 2015
Christiano Austin 28Lb 8oz Big Lake
Mark Tavener 26Lb 12oz Big Lake
Mark Tavener 25Lb 8oz Big Lake
Mark Tavener 32Lb 2oz Big Lake
Darren Davies 7LB Male Tench Westminster Lake 29.11.2014
Mick Fisher 6Lb 8oz Big Lake 2.3.12
Mick Fisher 31Lb 10oz Big Lake 29.3.12
Mick Fisher 24Lb 8oz Big Lake 13.4.12
Rhys Warren 22Lb March 2012
Mick Davis 30Lb 4oz Sutton Small Lake
Dave Thomas 35Lb 14oz Sutton Small Lake 15.6.12
Mick Fisher 26Lb 2oz Big Lake 15.2.12
Mick Fisher 21Lb Big Lake 18.2.12
Mick Fisher 22Lb 12oz Big Lake 1.3.12
Calum Prina 24Lb grassy
Calum Prina 25Lb Baldwins Dartford
Lee Symmons Westminster Field Lake 22Lb 9oz 2011
Lee Symmons Westminster Field Lake Presley at 28Lb 2oz 2011
Luke Chapman 26Lb 8oz Big Lake Summer 2012
Calum Prina 22Lb 12oz Viaduct Lake Kirby
Calum Prina with Choptail at 24Lb 6oz Viaduct Lake Kirby
Calum Prina 20Lb 8oz off top dog leg Dartford
Darren Davies 25Lb 13oz Westminster Lake 17.9.11
Darren Davies 25Lb 2oz Westminster Lake 27.12.11
Darren Davies 7Lb Silt pond 13.4.11
Darren_Mills_25.3.10 (2)
Darren Davies 21Lb 9oz Brooklands Lake 10.8.11
Darren Davies 22Lb 6oz Westminster Lake 20.4.11
Darren Davies 23Lb 8oz Viaduct Lake 20.6.09
Darren Davies 24Lb 9oz Sutton Small Lake 26.11.11
Darren Davies 13Lb 4oz Brooklands Lake 6.08.11
Darren Davies 20Lb 6oz Brooklands Lake 24.8.11
Darren Davies 20Lb 8oz Westminster Lake 17.9.11
Darren Davies 21Lb 10oz Westminster Lake 19.9.10

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