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Anthony Walker 33Lb 3oz 30.4.16
Tony Walker 29Lb 14oz Brooklands at 10.30 am on TNM wafter 27.5.16
Anthony Walker 37Lb 8oz on Poacher bait Tiger nut and Maple Wafters 12.06.16
Dean Taylor 26.7.15
Dean Taylor 12Lb August 15
Dean Taylor 20Lb 12oz August 15
Zeljomir Tanackovic 22Lb 8oz comp lake rushes 18.11.15
Tony Walker 27Lb 2oz 5.3.16
Tony Walker 28Lb 4oz 8.30 on poacher baits tigernut and maple 7.3.15
Joe Buckley 25Lb February 2015
Mark Fleet 31Lb 4oz 26.4.15
Russell Prett 22Lb 4oz 29.5.15
Liam Monday 20Lb caught on creamy toffee Wafters A2 baits 12.7.15
Sam Coxall 14Lb 4oz caught on mainline hybrid boilie at 10am 20.9.14
Jay potter 21lb caught at 3am 20.9.14
Jordan Ralph 26Lb 2oz caught on A2 baits creamy toffee 27.9.14
Mark Lytollis 11Lb 6oz 13.10.14
Tony Walker 23Lb 8oz The Wide Swim Brooklands on Poacher Baits 25.5.14
Tony Walker 20Lb 2oz The Gardens Brooklands on Poacher Baits 7.6.14
Tony Walker 27Lb 6oz Brooklands on Poacher Baits 8.6.14
Tony Walker 32Lb 2oz The Beaky Swim on home made pop ups 26.8.14
Mark Lytollis 12Lb 4oz 9.9.14
Jay Edwards 24Lb 9oz from the riverbank on tiger nut and maple snowman with a richworth white honey pop up on top 18.9.13
Billy Ruston 12Lb - I pulled this beautiful fish out of brooklands on Saturday 26th October 2013 at around 12:00pm using a smelt on a float deadbait rig. I hooked it about 3ft in from the bank under an over hanging tree - 26.10.13
Caught this 18lb Pike on a Sardine tail about 40 yards out at a swim about 6 up from baliffs hut
Tony Hunwick Chunky 32Lb 6Lb
Jack Archer 27Lb Long Common caught in the speech room theory down under the willow tree on the left were the rig was an IQD rig with a fruit tella dumbbell 10.5.14
Matt Fagan 23Lb 8oz 5.6.13.
Ian Smith 18Lb 8oz 23.6.13
Ian Smith Baldwins Lake 23Lb on Longfield Bait Company red nut 7.7.13
Mark Davison 19Lb during a 4 hour session at 10pm 10.7.13
Jamie Edwards 19Lb 11oz 31.7.13
Graham Gibbs 26Lb 6oz, Caught from the 8's. Range 70 yards to silt, kryston mantis coated hooklink fished with fox arma point ssc KD style and a homemade fluro popup 5.5.13
Graham Gibbs 19Lb 4oz, Caught from the 8's. Range 70 yards to silt, kryston mantis coated hooklink fished with fox arma point ssc KD style and a homemade fluro popup 6.5.13
Ian Smith 17Lb Brooklands 10.5.13
Anthony Walker 29Lb 1oz from Beaky swim @ 8.30 am on a pop up left of the snag 12.5.13
Steve Sherwood 27Lb 8.8.12
Sam Coxall 16Lb 3oz Brooklands 3.10.12
Ben Hill 12Lb Brooklands 17.2.13
Taylor Davis 22Lb 8oz 26.4.13
Dan Hallett 17Lb 8oz 26.4.13
Jack Fordham Mid Double Brooklands Lake 05.03.12
Sam coxall with a 17lb Common caught on a 24 hour session at Brooklands using a single Cell hook bait with scatterd freebies cast to a moving group of fish 13.5.12
Sam Coxall 18Lb 9.6.12
Sam Coxall 19Lb 9.6.12
Taylor Davies 15Lb 5oz Brooklands 1.7.12
Jamie Ludlow 25Lb 6oz on Poacher Baits 3.3.12
Rhys Warren 19Lb 8oz Brooklands Lake 05.03.12
Lee Symmons 27Lb Brooklands Lake 27.3.12
Jack Fordham with Chumnum at 31Lb 9oz Brooklands Lake 30.03.12
Jack Fordham with Big Fully at 25Lb 15oz Brooklands Lake 31.03.12
Paul Badrik - 23lb 14oz common from brooklands lakes on 16/04/2011 fished at 70 yards in silt on blow back rig on a long shank hook and coated braid with 1 inch stripped back from hook. 16mm boilie fished with a 10mm pop up(snowman) with approx 100 boilies scattered.
Olie Cox, 27Lb caught below an overhanging tree from the A2 swim - 2 May 2011
Joe McEhill - 10Lb 6oz Tench, Caught on Homebase Lake - Float fished grain of sweetcorn in the margins near lilly pads Loose feed - pinkies and sweetcorn 6lb mainline - float rod  23.6.11
Taylor Davis, 22Lb 6oz common caught at 5am on the 11/9/11 at brooklands in torrential rain and very strong winds caught on a single 18mm hook bait fished to a bar in open water with regularly scatterd freebies
Ben Hill 10lb pike from brooklands by the car park near the boat house on spinner - 10.11.11
Todd Miller 15lb Brooklands 2011
Todd Miller 21lb 10oz Brooklands 2011
Ian Smith 32Lb 8oz Brooklands 21.11.10
Richard Clark - 25Lb Brooklands 2010
Mark Tavener 18Lb Mirror 27.5.10
25Lb Common Joe Eastwood June 2009
25Lb 2oz Common Joe Eastwood September 2009
H Challis 10Lb Tench Caught on Bread - 25.6.10
23Lb 8oz Common Joe Eastwood September 2009
Ian Smith - 19Lb 12oz - 17.4.11

Email your catch reports to catchreport@ddaps.org stating date, size, venue and as much information as possible.
(Please can ALL photos be taken in landscape view)

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