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Venue rules

  1. As we have no toilets on site as yet anyone doing a night must have a bucket and bags for when nature calls. Anyone caught not complying will lose their membership.
  2. Please arrive with dry nets and weigh slings as no dip tanks are on site.
  3. Do not feed the geese under any circumstances.
  4. All rubbish must be taken away.
  5. Lock all gates behind you.
  6. You must use the style at the side of the top gate under no circumstances must you walk over the cattle grid.
  7. Please park sensibly as parking is limited and no vehicles to be left on the track .
  8. The DDAPS committee request that all anglers use an unhooking mat at Bennetts due to the unexpected size of the bream being caught.
  9. All other DDAPS rules apply.


By order of the DDAPS committee

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