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Paul Covil
Robin Monday April 17
Robin Monday April 17
Robin Monday April 17
Paul Colvil
William Bennigfield 11lb 4oz 14.8.16
William Bennigfield 20lb 14.8.16
William Bennigfield 1Lb Roach 14.8.16
Robin Monday 13Lb 2oz 8.8.15
Robin Monday 15Lb 8oz 15.11.15
Adam Rockall November
Adam Rockall November
Syd Claudel 11Lb 8oz 25.3.16
Syd Claudel 14Lb 8oz 25.3.16
Lee Smith 19Lb 29.4.16
Robin Monday 15Lb 8oz 24.4.15.
Robin Monday 16Lb 8oz 26.4.15
Craig Lyons mid double 26.5.15
Craig Lyons 9Lb 9oz 19.6.15
Craig Lyons 7Lb 10oz 19.6.15
Garry Barnes 9Lb 14oz caught from the short chuck on 14mm boilie 20.7.15
John Bignell 11Lb 14oz caught on 14mm tiger nut and maple boilie 8.8.15
Robin Monday 14Lb 10oz 7.3.15
Will Anderson 11Lb 8oz 13.4.15
Will Anderson 11Lb 8oz 13.4.15
Will Anderson 12Lb 4oz 13.4.15
Martyn Llewellyn 13lb 12oz 13.04.15
Martyn Llewellyn The Fully 14lb 13.04.15
Martyn Llewellyn The Fully 14lb 13.04.15
Robin Monday 12Lb 8oz 22.6.14
Robin Monday 10Lb Fully scaled Mirror 18.7.14
Robin Monday 10Lb 8oz 2.8.14
Andrew Trace 12Lb 11.9.14
Robin Monday 14Lb 12oz 28.9.14
Robin Monday 13Lb 12oz 5.10.14
Andrew Poole 27.2.15
Robin Monday 14Lb 26.4.14
Bob Morris 11Lb 29.4.14
Jay Carroll 14Lb 11oz 5.5.14
Lee Madden 13Lb 11oz 5.5.14
Robin Monday 14Lb 8oz Linear 16.5.14
Robin Monday The Fully 11Lb 8oz 24.5.14
Robin Monday 12Lb 8oz Linear 25.5.14
Darren Fellows 6Lb 8oz 11.8.13
Darren Fellows 9lb 8oz 11.8.13
Haig Spalding 12Lb 8oz 16.8.13
Robin Monday 12Lb 8oz 24.8.13
Robin Monday 11Lb 10.11.13
Alex Watson 18.2.14
Andrew Trace 6Lb 3oz 1.4.14
Ben Woodland 12Lb 31.5.13
Ben Woodland 9Lb 31.5.13
Nick Hedges 7Lb 15oz 6.6.13
Robin Monday 9Lb 15oz 8.6.13
Robin Monday 10lb 2oz 13.7.13
Martyn Llewellyn 12lb 4oz carp no 39 15.7.13
Clive Archer 11Lb 2oz 8.8.13
Mark Hayes 10lb 11oz caught using a method feeder 26.5.13
Mark Hayes 9lb 7oz caught using a method feeder 26.5.13
Mark Hayes 5lb 6oz caught using a open end feeder 26.5.13
Mark Hayes 9lb 11oz caught using a open end feeder 26.5.13
Bob Morris 12Lb 1oz 27.5.13 Fish was taken using a cage feeder at about 50 yds range using a mixture of various groundbaits/breadcrumb and pellet. It was the only Bream of the day (at around midday) -although several carp were also taken - best just over 10 Lb
Ben Woodland 10Lb 31.5.13
Ben Woodland 10Lb 31.5.13
Arthur Beecham 7Lb 3.9.12
Neil Spencer 9Lb 12oz caught on boilie tight to the island in the old oak tree swim. It ripped off like a big Carp! 25.8.12
Todd Miller 5Lb 7oz Bennetts 30.9.12
Mick Fisher 10Lb 8oz 7.10.12
Robin Monday 10Lb 6oz 29.10.12
Craig Lyons 10Lb 10oz November 2012
Robin Monday 11Lb 8oz 6.5.13
Jack Chamberlain 6Lb 8oz 8.8.12
Jack Chamberlain 7Lb 8.8.12
Martin Dust 2Lb 12.8.12
Mervyn Jones 12 lb Caught on popped up bread crust/flake 13.8.12
Mervyn Jones 7lb.8 oz caught on real worm and measured 28 inches long 13.8.12
Ian Smith 12Lb 2oz caught on Longfield baits Red Nut 26.8.12
Rob Bond 2.8.12
Andy King 6Lb 12oz 2.8.12
Rob Bond 8Lb 12oz 2.8.12
Ian Smith 12Lb 14oz 6.8.12
Peter Gold 8Lb 4oz 4.8.12
Robin Monday 6Lb 8oz 4.8.12
Mick Fisher - 11Lb Bream
Peter Gold
Andy King 5Lb 6oz
Andy King 6Lb
Andy King 6Lb 4oz
Clive Archer 10Lb 3oz
Mick Fisher 15Lb 4oz 19.7.12
Peter Gold
Clive Archer
John Patterson
Clive Archer
Clive Archer
Clive Archer
Robin Monday
Another one
Robin Monday
Mick Fisher
Terry Rowland and Jay Fisher
Derek Grayland
Derek Grayland
John Patterson

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